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Algebraic groups. Linear algebraic group Reductive group Abelian variety Elliptic curve. For the cryptographic attack on hash functions, see preimage attack. Rubin Set Theory for the Mathematician. See Munkres, J.. Topology , p. Categories : Basic concepts in set theory Isomorphism theorems. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Articles with inconsistent citation formats Wikipedia articles incorporating text from PlanetMath. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Basic notions Subgroup Normal subgroup Quotient group Semi- direct product. Change the settings. You can also change the other settings. What observations can you make?

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Level Watch this video on the immune system. Watch a model of how a flu cell attacks the body. Watch disease spread. Level Read Viral Attack. Write the immune system members and their order and function in defense as shown in the comic. You might want to save this for your portfolio. Do the writing activity on page Complete the two review pages the best you can and as neatly as you can.

Ring Examples (Abstract Algebra)

When you are done, check your answers on pages 3 and 4. Give the pages to your mom to add to your portfolio. At the bottom of the page click on chromosome kindergarten. Put all 28 strips into a bag, an envelope, or some other container. Pull one DNA strip randomly from your bag. Find the one that matches your DNA strip and circle it. Continue through both pages of dog traits, drawing a DNA strip for each trait and circling the corresponding trait in each category.

As you determine each trait, tape your DNA strips to each other in the order you pull them out of the bag. Use the final page to draw your dog. Print these pages. Use page 1 for the following steps. Cut six squares from colored paper.


Do that again with three other colors. You will have 24 squares. You could use lego bricks or something instead but make sure they are all the same shape and size. Color in all of the circles in each of the grandparents one of the colors.

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For example, one grandparent might have all red circles and another all blue. Each grandparent should be a different color and only one color. Close your eyes and pick out one. Color in one circle on Father that color. Then put all four colors into the bag according to what colors are colored in on Father and Mother.

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You should have only 12 squares in the bag. If Father has 2 blue and 4 green, then you should have 2 blue and 4 green squares in the bag. Then do the same with the other children. How different are the children? Answer the questions on page 2. Now make a similar chart for your family. Talk with your parents and chart the traits that they each have that their parents had and which of those traits you and your siblings have. Print out pages 1 and 2 for each player. Page 3 is for the caller.

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There are more body parts than spots on the board to help with variation. The caller should read the statements, and each player should try to figure out the body part being described. The answers are in parentheses if help is needed. Using coins, rocks, legos, scraps of paper, or any other form of marker, have players mark the spaces that have been called. For extra questions, see the Level page 3. Label the body parts. Play all three levels. Label the body. Put the organs in the right place. Choose female. Use the outline drawing of the organ to figure out how to rotate it.

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  • Read about each body system. Look at pictures of bacteria under a microscope. What do you think are the most amazing things about the human body? Look at these parts of the human body under the microscope. Write about what you think are the most amazing things about the human body? Make a list of all of the plants you see and a list of what things you see that you think need plants. Hold onto your sheet. Click next and read the Case Brief. Click next and click on Plant Structures, the first one. Click on the words that are underlined and read the explanation. Go to the dictionary and click on the little speaker next to the big word, herbaceous.

    Take a look at some different types of stems.

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    Take your sheet from Day Label each plant you listed as H or W. Are there any more plants around you that you recognize now that you can add to your list? Explain to someone the difference between the two types of plants. Level Read about Plant Structure. Click on the underlined words. Read pages to of Real Things in Nature. Day 87 Level Read about plant parts. Click next and next…the last one is fruit.