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  1. Spartan Night Sprint Vienna: World debut in Wiener Neustadt!
  2. Medicare is Battle Cry for Both Sides in Tight House Races in Fla., N.Y. | PBS NewsHour
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Spartan Night Sprint Vienna: World debut in Wiener Neustadt!

Seats in each boat are limited to 20 paddlers so veterans have first call on those seats. This special event gets under way about noon on July This meter showdown race pits paddlers representing the five military branches — U. Each team captain will share this link with their team members so each team member can sign up to participate in the Battle of the Branches race. Racers for each branch boat will be selected in the following order: Veteran, currently in the military, family member or supporter of a particular branch.

Warlords Battlecry II 03 - The Worst Race

Timeliness of submitting the Battle of the Branches Application Form increases a racers opportunity to be in one of the branch boats. When it comes to submitting your name, the sooner the better. Once each boat is filled applicants will be placed on the alternate list.

Medicare is Battle Cry for Both Sides in Tight House Races in Fla., N.Y. | PBS NewsHour

Marine Corps. Paddle for Life, a c 3 non-profit organization based in Vancouver, Washington, fosters dragon boat festivals and races for one key purpose: To support the work of local charities in the community. Keep an eye on your units during combat. If their health bar turns red, they are close to death and may need to be ordered out of the line of fire. Convert Heroes, Generals, and the Phoenix are the only units that can convert neutral 1.

This is a particularly useful way to obtain resources. To learn howto convert buildings, you can also play the tutorial. A Keep of any level can also convert buildings in a wide area around itseIf. This is a slow process, but is useful for getting resource points at the start of a game. It also allows you to still convert buildings if your hero has been killed early in the battle. Unload Towers can hold units inside of them. To remove units from a tower, select the tower, and click on the small picture of the unit in the control panel, or click Unload from the Control Panel.

To place selected units or groups into a tower, just right-click on the tower. The cursor changes into a hand, and the units disappear into the tower.

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Units in a tower do not use their individual attacks, but improve the tower's com- bat capabilities. Note the cursor changes into a pair of boots to indicate movement. The group moves at the speed of the slowest unit by de- fault. If you want each unit to move as fast as possible, hold down CTRL while you click. You can change the default in the "Setup Options" described on page To move selected units or groups using waypoints, hold down SHIFT and right- click points along the path.

Waypoints are orders that you can queue up for your units, and can include moving, attacking, converting or building. To in- sert a waypoint at the beginning of a path, hold down ALT and click on a new point. Patrol To assign a unit to patrol in a certain area, select the unit, choose Patrol from the Control Panel, and click on the area to be patrol led.

Search results for 'battle cry'

A series of waypoints is automatically generated. You can view and change this path using the method described above. To lay out a complex patrol path made up of multiple points, hold down SHIFT while clicking the various locations along the path. Guard This control allows you to designate a unitor building for the selected unit to guard. Select the unit, choose Guard from the Control Panel, and click on a target. The guarding unit will move to its designated assignment, or as close as possible. It will then devote itself to protecting its assigned target, moving with a mobile unit if necessary.

Select the guarding unit and choose Stop to countermand the order to guard. A production building can also be set to guard a unit. This does not mean that the building moves with a mobile unit, but that any unit produced from that building will automatically move to the designated unit and guard it as de- scribed above.

Attitude Attitude affects the way a unit or hero reacts to the enemy, and is defaulted appropriately for each type of unit. The current attitude icon is shown on the right of the Display Area when the unit is selected. To change a unit's attitude, simply press Attitude on the control panel, and click on one of the many states which are described in the pop-up help. You can also set the attitude of a build- ing, and then any unit produced from that building has that designated atti- tude. Constructing buildings allows you to produce units and upgrade skills.

Con- structing walls and towers helps you defend your land. Both builder units and heroes are able to build, but only builder units can construct walls and towers. Building costs one or more re- sources, depending on your race and the type of building. To learn how to construct buildings, play the tutorial. For a full list of the buildings for each Constructing a Building Select your unit and select Build Building in the control panel. A window pops up with pictures of all the buildings you are able to construct see screenshot above. Click on an available building, and place it on the desired location on the map.

Your unit disappears whilst building, then reappears and announces when the job is finished. To check the progress of a building, select the building in progress, and look at the percentage counter in the building display area. Constructing a Wall or Tower This is the same as constructing a building, however you select the Build Wall or Tower button from the control panel.

Once you have built a tower, you can place units inside it. Only four small or medium sized land units can be put into each tower, the effects of which are described under"General Controls: Unload" on page To stop building or reselect your builder unit At any time, just select the building in progress, and press Stop, or Select Builder on the control panel see "Control Panels"on page If you stop the building partway through, it eventually falls to ruins.

Selecting the builder does not stop the building, and is used for queuing up orders waypoints to be carried out when finished building. When this button is selected, a window appears with pictures of all the units you are able to produce, skills you are able to research, and available upgrades for the building itself.

source Producing a Unit Click on an available unit to start producing it, and watch the progress on the percentage counter in the building display area. After completion, the unit produced appears near the building, and moves to the rally point if one exists. To produce multiple units, click on any available unit more than once, or a combination of different units.

A queue appears in the building display area, along with the progress percentage counter. The queue only graphically dis- plays the first six units being produced, and a counter at the end for extra units. Alternatively, you can select any one available unit and click the Con- tinuous Productionbutton in the building display area to have that unit pro- duced continuously.

The unit cost is deducted from your resources at the instant that a unit starts production. To remove a unit from the queue, click on it in the queue. To stop production, click Stop in the control panel. Researching a Skill Most buildings have skills available to upgrade units.

The skills available at the building depend on your race, and can be seen in "Race Dependencies" start- ing on page Upgrading a Building Select the upgrade picture. It has a circled number on it, indicating level, and becomes available when resource and other requirements have been met. You can check the progress of the upgrade on the percentage counter in the build- ing display area. A system message alerts you to a successful upgrade. Set Rally Point To set a rally point a point where your produced units gather , select a pro- duction building, then right-click where you want the units to appear on the map.

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Alternatively, you can click Rally Point in the control panel, then click on a location on the map. To move a rally point, simply set a new one.

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A dotted line leading to the rally point marker appears. Repair To repair a damaged building, select it, and click Repair in the control panel. There are two options - fast or slow repairs. Fast repairs cost twice the resources, but are twice the speed of slow repairs. It is mainly used for multiplayer games, when you want to give resources to your ally. The"Diplo- macy" screen, reached by clicking on Diplomacy the blue skull in the con- trol panel, allows you to give resources to other sides. Alliances have to be set up on the "Side Selection" screen be- fore the scenario starts; they cannot be formed once in the scenario.

For details on how to set alliances, see 'Skirmish"on page 1 1. A dialogue appears with the following options: Load Game Select this to bring up the name and a picture of the saved game, and click Load Game if you wish to load it. This option is not available in multiplayer games. Save Game Select this to save the current game. An alternative way to save the game is to press ALT-S. In singleplayer games, only one save game is allowed for each Hero, and this save game is removed at the end of battle. This condition removes the confusion that would occur if a hero had multiple existences in multiple save games.

Pause Game Select this to pause the game. A message appears. To restart the game, click Pause Game again.

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An alternative way to pause the game is to press FI 2.